Thursday, July 14, 2005

My first post

I started this blog to document my path to and through grad school. Although I've had it for a while, I haven't actually written, I guess I'll play catch up. I have been accepted into a PhD program at UCI (in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department with the Comparative Physiologist group). I didn't think I would get accepted anywhere. My grades were ok (not stellar) and my research background was good, but my GRE scores were horrible! I applied anyways (all because of the encouragement of a friend who by the way also encouraged the start up of this blog...and who will be leaving soon for grad school...) and I got in! YEY! Now I have just started this AGEP program, which is a fellowship for minority students. Basically it is designed to get minority students into the department before the program begins in the fall. I just started on Monday, so I still feel kind of weird. My advisor is very nice, really easy to talk to...but I still don't know what is expected......we'll see how it goes...


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