Monday, July 25, 2005

Moving on.....

It didn't really hit me, my new life, until last Thursday when I visited my friend who is leaving the state for grad school. It is ridiculous to think that I have made it this far. I mean, yes I have done the work...and yes I have attained an impressive amount of knowledge....but not the type of knowledge I thought I would have gained by this time in my career. I mean, if it wasn't for my friends during my masters program I probably would have quit. They carried me through the many stages of the project....developing it, doing it, analyzing it..... I mean without them I really wouldn't have completed my project. I wouldn't have known where to start. They were more than my friends, they were my mentors. And now all that has somehow passed. I am actually in grad school. I am actually starting my PhD program. I am actually leaving these last three years behind (well...... almost since my thesis is still at bay).

Now I have the opportunity to start everything anew. Become a "better" student. No procrastinating, always on schedule with new research, always motivated.......but the opportunity to say something stupid is always lingering around the corner.....

Good luck Rhyax!


At 6:10 PM , Blogger Rhyax said...

Nice picture! Just keep working hard and you'll make it through. I am sure you will go through some stressful periods, but that's normal. You can always turn to your friends (including me, of course) when times are hard. YOU CAN DO EET!


At 12:47 AM , Blogger Soma said...

Thanks! It means a lot.....although I already bugged you enough when you were actually physically I'll try not to bug much. Plus I should get some stuff done on my own so that I can some day help you! It helps to know that there's somebody there if you need to someone to vent....I'm here in this blog world (and in real life of course).

Yea, thanks for the picture...I hope it was ok to put it up?


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