Wednesday, August 24, 2005 I haven't made it before....

Today I got help for making Agar. That tasty smell of agar. The one I made for three years, the entire time I preped for Cell Phys. My advisor made it for me. Like I was an idiot! All I could do was stand and I hadn't made it before. I felt so stupid!

Anyways, it was my fault. I think my communication skills are at an all time low. What I meant to say was: "I'm not sure where you keep the agar so that I can make it"...what I said was "I don't know how to make agar" he made it for me. He must think I am sooo lame! I can almost hear the stories he must tell his wife:

Advisor: "She was just standing there while I mixed the powder with water and stirred. I mean how hard is that? LO-SER".

Wife: "Yes....what an idiot. Hahahaha.

Advisor: "Hahahaha"

There's been plenty of little stories like that for the last two months, I'm sure. Maybe he'll keep me around for comic relief.


At 12:28 PM , Blogger Rhyax said...

Feeling stupid in front of advisors is what we graduate students do. During a lab meeting yesterday, I was asked to comment on someone else's population genetics research and I just whispered, "I don't know" with a stupid look on my face.

Don't worry so much about it. Or, use your embarassment as motivation to improve your communication skills and to get yourself up to speed on lab protocols, theory, etc.

At 6:26 PM , Blogger Soma said... fact I must go home and read/learn elementary math this weekend....

I ended this week with looking as dumb as ever. I was asked a decimal question....and you know how great I am at GRE math.

He told me to get a lot of scratch paper.

Thank god if didn't take the whole heap before I understood what the hell was going on. I'm really lost though. I shall read.

Sorry about the meeting...


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