Thursday, October 06, 2005

So I have realized that the only time I write about my life in this new graduate program is when I am feeling really frustrated and therefore end up talking about all the bad things that are happening, but I forget to mention what is so cool about being here. So I dedicate this entry to my new title "first year PhD student".

* The science library is as big as my old Biology building.

* I have the opportunity of using super,exciting, cool instruments for a possible project.

* I am encouraged to come up with some cool project (soon) so that I could play around.

* My classes are geared towards what I am ACTUALLY interested in studying instead of having to take whatever class is available so that I could graduate.

* I am actually learning how to become a better "teacher". We get a lot of training for the labs we have to teach.

* I have a great advisor who is interested in things that I am also interested in!

* The entire department is interested in things that I am intersted in!

* I am surrounded by really cool and smart people!

* The total amount of parties I've been to while out here is greater than all of the ones combined in the last 3 years!

* Did I say really cool people already?

* Cool clubs that I could potentially belong to...although highly unlikely since I don't have any time.

* Cool classes to take....although I have missed the deadline to apply....

* I live by the beach (sort of)

* There's like a million stores I could potentially go to.....although I might be broke after...

* I can definately dedicate my whole time to studying BIO!

Life is good as a graduate student....


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