Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Time goes by so quickly! I've been living here for 4 months already and I started school two months ago! The quarter is almost over and I still feel like I'm just getting my feet wet. There are so many things to get done and the days just aren't long enough. There are three pressing issues:

1) Finish writing my thesis (it's taking a ridiculous amount of time)
2) Determine what my project is going to be on (I'm supposed to meet with my committee in Spring)
3) Try to find money so that I can actually buy things that I may need for my project

Of course, there's always the rest of the things on my to-do list:

1) Finish this fly/roach project I've started
2) Work on my SICB presentation (I'm speaking this year...no poster for me!)
3) Go thru my Physiology book so that I actually remember things
4) go thru my Statistics book so that I actually remember things
5) Go thru my Molecular book so that I actually remember things
6) Go thru my Algebra book so that I don't say stupid things when I speak with my advisor
7) Figure out what I want to do this summer (I think I want to go to Guatemala and work with this guy named Jack Schuster working on beetles. I spoke to him like 2 years ago and he was all supportive.....I don't know where I will come up with the money though. I think it would be cool cuz maybe I can come up with an idea for a project....)
8) Oh yea....and be smart....I wan't to schedule a special time when I can develop this....

My friend "T" came to visit this weekend. I was so happy! It's been three whole months since we have seen each other, and just last year we were seeing each other every day! Last year I was frantically studying for the GRE and filling out applications and thinking that I would never get in. Now I'm using this labs computer to type this on a Tuesday night. It's amazing how things change so fast. I wonder what it will be like in February when the interviewers come. I hope they don't ask me anything cuz I will have NO idea what to tell them. And to think! Every day that passes is one less day I will spend with Melissa! Its so weird how its only been 4 months since I see her all the time...and how it already seems like it will be weird without her. I miss my friends at CSUSB....


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