Saturday, March 18, 2006

iDesign #1

I enjoy listening to a good discussion. Especially one that relates to science.....or politics.....or both. Today I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Francisco Ayala's talk on Darwin and Intelligent Design. Although I thought that his statements would be met with disdain, as most of the OC seems to be highly religious and conservative, I was surprised as to how open most seemed to be to the idea that a "designer" could not have created such an imperfect world.

His talk began with various examples as to how natural selection has changed the organism and how an "inelligent designer" would not have been able to correctly predict all of the required adaptations for that organism to be able to survive. Instead, each adaptations was slowly created into what we now observe.

Although there were some discourse about vocabulary (everybody was upset that he used the word "designed" when he in fact was not talking about a "designer") things didn't get too heated until someone possed the question (or rather statement):

"People choose to believe in a designer because they are ignorant about how science trully works".

Overall it was an awesome experience.


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