Monday, March 06, 2006

My first Interview Weekend as A Grad Student

I can't believe it's been a year since I came to interview. This weekend we had 16 people (mostly girls) come out to see if they were a good fit with our department. There were the same parties and busy get togethers, but it was so much easier being on this side of the coin. Although surprisingly, it was just as tiring.

I had one student stay with us for the weekend and I was surprised that as her arrival date got closer my anxiety level rose. I cleaned my apartment for hours on Wednesday night, and Thursday I didn't want to go pick her up. She was very nice and polite. Married, just like me. Interested in behavior, just like me. You'd figure we'd have lots to talk about. We didn't. It was awkward. Luckly she was tired most of the weekend and we didn't have a lot of "alone" time. I was worried that I would say something stupid.

I was glad that I could help out as much as possible. It gave me a good feeling about what the weekend really means, which surprisingly, was something really different as to what I thought it was for when I came last year.


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