Monday, December 12, 2005

The End of The Beginning

I am officially done with my first quarter (as I let out a sigh of relief). The last weeks where jammed with things to do:

1) Give a final presentation for my class
2) Grade Lab Reports
3) Enter all Grades for my students
4) Help my students review for their Final
5) Help make the Final for the class I'm teaching
6) Grade the Final for the class I'm teaching
7) Make presentation for Conference

Today I had to "practice" my presentation in front of the department, just so they could give me some insight on how I can make it better. They were far nicer than what I expected. Still, at the end I felt inadequate. Last week I found myself trying to find an alterior motive for being asked to run the scantrons during the grading session. I though, "They must think I'm too stupid to help grade the short answer questions". And then I though, "I really need to stop thinking that everything that happens here has to do with me being too stupid to do anything else". I mean, much of their lives are people really dedicating to think about my stupidity. It's definately gotten ridiculous. Yet, its hard to feel comfortable.

I've decided to take everything as a learning experience. Obviously I'm not expected to know everything or else I wouldn't be here, right? This whole thing is a learning experience.

I'm glad for the things I have learned, the dumb things I've said, the stress, the lazy students trying to get me to give them extra points, the plagarising, the grading and most of all the wonderful, kick-ass people I've met.


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