Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lack of Posting #2

Yes, the lack of posting is just an example of how busy one is in grad school. There have been plenty of things to speak of, but no time to actually write it down.

Accomplishments for this quarter:
1. Awarded Sigma Xi "Grants in Aid of Research"
2. Had my first committee meeting
3. Presented in my first Physiology Group Seminar (FREAKING SCARY!)
4. Taught Experimental Biology without sweating
5. Hung out with advisor for a whole morning without crying
6. Finally understand (and can remember) some aspects of insect repiratory physiology
7. Began to write a DIIG
8. Bought books for 1st year exam

Things still to accomplish:
1. Finally decided on my project (I have absolutely no idea!)
2. Umm.....graduate from CSUSB (I now have to reapply to the program, isnt that retarded!)
3. Find a grant to support my research (which I still don't know what it's going to be on, hence the problem of applying for a grant).
4. Feeling comfortable with my advisor
5. Feeling comfortable of being here (I still feel like a jerk when I come into the building)
6. Study for first year exam (in September!)

Overall, things are still roller-coaster-like. On Friday I was excited because I had managed to present in my first Physiology Seminar, about a topic not related to frogs but more on what I think I will do my dissertation in (respiratory physiology of insects). I can remember the hypotheses as to why certain patterns of respiration are observed, and why its still important to investigate, and I could explain the article I was presenting clearly. It was great! It made me want to go read some more and learn! But, my day was crammed with seminars, TA duties, meetings, etc... By the time I had time to read again I was exhausted. I did nothing during the weekend (except catch up with family and friends who I haven't seen for a year) so by Monday I was behind on work. Which made me overwhelmed and therefore I did nothing. 3 days wasted! Plus the respirometer is not working, so I lost all my data for the work I did get done yesterday.

Tommorrow: Presentation on invasive species and their effects on individuals, populations, communities and ecosystems.

Thursday: 2nd draft of DIIG grant due
TA Experimental Bio
Atted Experimental BIO lecture

Friday: (see above)

All the days seem to be melting into one HUGE year.


At 2:07 PM , Blogger K said...

Hi! It seems good that you're doing so many presentations. I find that any presentation helps my overall skills. Even though they may be nerve-wracking.
Good luck with all that work!

At 2:50 PM , Blogger Soma said...

Thank you! Yes....I was actually just speaking to someone about that. I think I definately have gotten better (at least in feeling less nervous) so I can see why they make us do so many!

Thank you for your good wishes and good luck to you with pollen counting and writing!


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