Friday, June 23, 2006

I know I said every day

This week has been spent on preparing for the big summer break. Basically cleaning out the respirometry room and replumbing (putting at work most of what I learned at Sable Systems). At the end, the room looks the same, except I now know where everything is at. I have also cleaned out the very slow computer we have to capture all the data, and hopefully, have gotten it to run properly (It was freezing up and I have been losing all of my work, it's really frustrating when you have just spent that last three hours staring at a roach in a 10C room).

What's left: Calibrating and Software Upload

Today we had our second lab meeting of the summer and it wasn't at all horrible. We spoke of the proper time of when to bring authorship issues up. I doubt I will ever bring that up. Most of the time I don't even think about getting stuff published, I just want to be involved with the fun experiment part. I guess that's not professional?


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