Wednesday, June 28, 2006

On a Break

Every time I begin a new project I realize that.....I will be bald at a young age. I just have to accept it.

I decided last week to take the respirometer apart so that I would have a better idea of the electrical connections needed as well as changing some of the tubing and software associated with the machine. I cleaned and organized the room, where I plan to stay all of my summer, so that when I wanted to start everything would be perfect.

Monday was supposed to be my first day of data collection. Today I have no data. Why? Because there is a mysterious problem with the stupid thing which I CAN NOT, for the life of me, figure out. So the room looks like crap again.

On top of that, while trying to fix it, I broke our one and only flowmeter. Which is only $620. Which I desperately need to figure out what's wrong with the darn respirometer!

Oh sweet science.


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