Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Yes, we have just been inside a human asshole

It's funny how science needs to be presented to non-majors so that we don't "scare" them. Stories of orangutans gripping your fingers until they are pulled off, medicine men reading the outcome of a breached birth from jelly residue on a mason jar, running around Asian jungles almost naked, the many mistresses of Thai men, pictures of human assholes. All to explain natural selection?

After all of this circling around scientific definitions and concepts, evolution was explained as a hard fact. No nice little story accompanied it. Evolution = fact. Creationism = belief. It was a little undiscerning for me. Isn't this what most of those students are going to debate? That evolution is NOT a fact but mainly a "theory". So, why would you be so carefull as to walk around actual definitions, which most of them will not debate, and then leave no room for discussion of an actual controversial topic?

I know, evolution is a fact. Science has nothing to do with religion. Religions is something you believe. But to someone who is highly religious this is more than just a belief. It is an entity. They can almost touch it and they do not neet hard facts, a book, history, scientific examples, etc... to prove it. It's just reality. So, how are we going to make them understand that this is an actual biological (and very true) idea if we immediately tell them that there is no room to discuss. I am right and they (along with everything they believe and what has been passed on for generations) is completely wrong....so wrong that we won't even take a second look at it.