Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Morning Lesson

There are 3 types of jerks in the world:
1. The whiny - one who always complains about everything in their lives
2. The bully - sucks the energy out of the room as soon as they walk in
3. The hard of hearing - doesn't listen to what YOU have to say, but just wants to talk about themselves

Ways to deal with jerks:
1. Ignore them - eventually they will find somebody else to bug
2. Don't make eye contact (they might think you want to talk to them)
3. Back away from them (definately DO NOT greet them with a hug, they might think you are inviting them to talk to you)
4. Tell them the truth - most likely nobody has told them that what they are doing is wrong, so don't be too confrontational, but let them know that what they are doing is rude.


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