Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quick Recap

Since last year I have passed my first year exam, finished work with roaches and presented on insect respiration for the first time ever at SICB. Damn scary work and I can't believe I am still here. Fortunately things are getting better instead of always being scary.

I broke down and cried in lab during the early weeks of fall....and decided that I really needed to stop being so nervous around my advisor. So we met once a week and talked and now I can actually look at him in the face when he talks to me. I still wish I could contribute more to our talks, but I am working on that.

I started MedSchool Physiology last quarter as well, and got a horrible score on the first exam and quiz. This quarter I planned to be more prepared....but did bad on my first quiz and my second exam is in 2 weeks. I am writing on this here blog instead of reading, so I might have an inclination on how things will go then.

I've been to Miami twice.....used up lots of money and time.......and I'm planning to go back again in the summer. I want to do some frog work out there and maybe even collect some insects.......We'll see.

I tried to finish my thesis last quarter and got everyone in my committee to sign off on it, but graduate studies blocked me at the end. So this quarter i am once again enrolled in two universities and hopefully can get this out of the way. Im still waiting to set a date for my defense.


Plus I'm taking salsa classes.


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