Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A month into Summer

It's the first time soemone has actually entered my "office" this summer. I was very excited, but soon realized that he was very lost. I heard myself explain natural selection and evolution to him, and I saw him consistently nodding his head in agreement, but I didn't think he was getting it. It was a fake nod. So I asked him to explain it to me, and he froze. he is coming back tommorrow he said.

Today I discovered that this months work has been a bunch of crap. I have old files without some data which I recently began obtaining.....so, do I use the data that are on those files and then run another experiment exactly the same and take an average? or just start anew? The water striders aren't doing what I want them to do......is it due to their metabolism? a change in temperature? a difference in their developmental stage? short hypoxic conditions? time that the experiment was conducted? flow rate of air? the last time they ate? or am I just running it incorrectly? Arghhhhh! Everything looked so nice when I only had Jeffrey (I say N=1 should be good enough).

It's our third week meeting and it will be my third week no preparing for it. I don't know why I can't get into it! Our first year exam is only two months away and I can't focus on studying. Is there a secret? it's been so damn hot here that by the time I get into lab I feel lethargic. I've gotten other stuff done? Of course, things that really did not need to get done.....like cleaning the lab.


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