Monday, July 17, 2006

On my Days of Summer

Summer sessions go way too fast. We are in week 4, they have taken their first midterm and I am already forgetting to show up to office hours. They don't show up anyway..but still..I should be there just incase.

My experiements are on the preliminary stages. I have been running some water striders, but there are still things I am not sure about (number of striders to run, if I need to keep track of who is who, how many trials per insect, how to analyze my data, tubing and how to make the flow rate stabilize, etc...) but I'm at least getting data. I hope the water striders don't die!

I finally was able to collect some....surprisingly in the same creek where I found my frogs. Funny that I never saw them when I went looking for tree frogs...of course I wasn't looking. I was happy to be out again searching for specimen to work on. It is so amazing to be out in the "wild" and have nothing to look at but nature. It's amazing. I wish I did that more often, but, I am always afraid to go out on my own, and there are not that many a people who like to go out in the wild.

We have started our study group for our first year exam (which is at the end of the summer). I can't seem to concentrate enough to get actual answers down on paper. I have simple outlines which I am sure will not help me when I am trying to write an essay during the test. Arghh! I need to pay attention. Plus, our apartment (without the air conditioning) has been unbearable, which should motivate me to stay in lab longer......which I think I will start doing today......

I have been told that Fall quarter I will be teaching Animal Physiology Lab (YIKES!) I have been hoping to avoid that class as much as possible. I knew I wanted to teach it, but no this soon! Next year I will be taking Med School Physiology and teaching that lab.....should be fun...and not stressful.....

Back to research.....


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