Tuesday, July 18, 2006

To be an Undergrad

I think that generation Y was born with ADD, and with some genetic code for "not having a clue". Honestly, every single one of them. If it's not one abnormality is the other.

Today was the second time I told a student to pay attention and stop IM'ing/MySpace'ing/blogging/random searching on their lap top. She looked at me like she did not understand what I was saying. Completely blank eyes.

"ahh......pay attention, and stop messing around in your computer 'cuz its distracting to everyone around you"

The constant tapping of the keys! She got it then and gave me a dirty look, like I was her mom and had just told her to pull her pants up because her damn ass was hanging out and everyone behind her could see her crack.

Five minutes later this kid walks in, an hour late, walks straight to the professor (who is lecturing in the front of the class), stands there until the professor stops talking and asks him what he wants, and asks: "Have you guys taken the test yet?" Could he not have waited until the break to ask? How could he think that walking up to the professor in the middle of class, after he is an hour late, to ask him anything is proper?

Their either getting more and more annoying or I'm getting older. I wonder how I will react to them in my last year.


At 8:24 AM , Blogger psychgrad said...

I find with greater use of technology in classes (laptops, PowerPoint, etc.), students don't have to work as hard. It becomes about attending class to watch the professor perform as opposed to taking an active role in learning.


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